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An advanced fax program, which lets its users easily create, send and receive faxes
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Essential Fax
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20 March 2010

Editor's review

An advanced fax program, which lets its users easily create, send and receive faxes. Its uniqueness is in the ability to create faxes by scanning the needed information, and also print-to-fax from most Windows programs.

Features: EssentialFax allows users to create, send and receive faxes from their work machine and many Windows applications. An array of features makes creating and sending/receiving of a fax an easy operation. The scan to fax feature lets pages to scanned and sent to his outbox. He can then do a print to fax to actually get it sent out via the fax machine connected to the network or via the modem connected to a individual`s workstation. The print to fax is supported by a printer driver that helps fax to be sent from most Windows applications.

Received faxes are stored in the incoming fax table. You can then pick it up from the table, view it, print it or may be just delete it. The faxes can be converted to TIF format or a PDF document for storage on the machine. Whether individual user or those of a small business the program can help you manage your faxes in the Windows XP or Vista environments. It is compatible with the faxing system so that there is no additional set up required most often.

Overall: It has required features for a regular fax operation. It is easy to use. However a move towards so called internet fax or the email based faxes would have been more keeping with the times.

Publisher's description

EssentialFax is powerful fax software, which enables its users to create, send and receive faxes easily.
Thanks to the range of options, creating a fax has never been easier. With the help of a Scan-to-Fax option, the user can scan the needed pages and send them to the Outbox as a new fax. Once the fax is in the Outbox, it may be viewed, printed or sent. Additionally, EssentialFax provides its users with a printer driver, which allows them to print to fax from most Windows programs.
Once the fax has been received, it is stored in the Incoming fax table, so that users can handle it according to their needs: view, print or delete. The program offers its users a TIFF & PDF support, which enables them to store faxes in industry standard TIFF, and export them to Adobe PDF.
EssentialFax was tailored to meet the needs of individual users and small businesses using Windows Vista or Windows XP. The intuitive, user-friendly interface along with a wide range of features makes EssentialFax the clear choice in fax software. The program uses the modem in your computer and a regular telephone line to send faxes. The uniqueness of EssentialFax is in its compatibility: in 99% of cases, no special setup or further configuration is needed to start sending and receiving faxes.
Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 supported.
Version 1.76
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There is no customer servcie to speak of. Buy it, haver question? Good luck, you`re on your own. Not event he courtesy of a response to an email.
Excellent fax software. Very easy to use. Integrates with other windows programs (office, etc..) very well.
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